About Us

I act on your behalf as if was advocating for my own children; using the same approach that has helped my kids to flourish during the school years, as they prepare for further education, employment and independent living. I implement my services with professionalism, excellence and dedication; striving to seek solutions and strategies that are appropriate for the unique needs of your child, while maintaining healthy relationship with the school.

"We were born to flourish, not JUST survive"

Sandra Prieto

About Sandra

I am an immigrant, so I understand the struggles minorities go through trying to navigate the public-school system.

Knowing both English and Spanish has helped me to support diverse families in their journey.

I am here to help!

Based on my own experience advocating during 13 years for the right special education services and accommodations for my children, and getting successful results; I offer my services to families and legal guardians that face similar struggles to the ones I once faced related to IEP programs and 504 plans.

For 25 years I have worked with vulnerable populations, in more than 28 countries, to empower women to develop economically and low-income populations to access affordable housing. Now, I use my experience supporting vulnerable populations around the world, to advocate for special needs children, so they can develop their skills and capacities by having access to the right educational services and accommodations.

I have a bachelor’s degree in clinical psychology, a master’s degree in nonprofit management and social economics, and a specialization in management consulting. 

I have received formal training in advocacy for special education through the Wrightslaw Special Education Law and Advocacy Program and the IRIS Center’s online Professional Development training in IEPs: Developing High-quality Individualized Education Programs. I am an active member of the council of parent attorneys and advocates (COPAA) and an active member of the advocacy network of the Georgia Council on Developmental disabilities (GCDD).